01. They flew to Japan [via] Hawaii.
02. I always ride my bicycle home [via] the cycling trail because it has such beautiful scenery.
03. Our flight to San Antonio went [via] Seattle and Salt Lake City.
04. You can send mail to me [via] my uncle because I'll be in regular contact with him while I'm travelling.
05. People throughout the world were able to see the concert [via] satellite transmission.
06. Computers have allowed many people to work out of their home, communicating with their colleagues [via] e-mail and the Internet.
07. They entered the U.S. by boat [via] the Great Lakes.
08. Evidence suggests that the earliest peoples came to the two American continents at least 12,000 years ago, probably [via] the Bering Strait.
09. Apricot trees were first cultivated in China; then they made their way to India, Armenia, and Persia, and before the thirteenth century, they arrived in England [via] Italy.
10. We heard the news that my aunt had died [via] my grandparents.
11. Our flight to Japan went [via] Seattle, Los Angeles, and Honolulu before finally reaching Tokyo.
12. In Sweden, one third of the population has access to the Internet, [via] their telephones and computers.
13. Ireland's first human inhabitants arrived from Scandinavia [via] Scotland around 6000 B.C.
14. Blood is delivered to the brain [via] the arteries.
15. Computer viruses are often passed [via] floppy disks.
16. E-mail has become a very popular way of exchanging messages [via] the Internet.
17. The Korean martial art of taekwondo cultivates character [via] physical and mental training.

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